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20220902 DEP YANLIK Workshop on Strengthening Innovation Sustainability in Public Service East Java Province 4Assistant to the Public Services of the Ministry of PANRB Diah Natalisa in the Workshop on Strengthening Sustainability of Utility Innovation in East Java Province, Surabaya, Friday (02/09).

SURABAYA – The government’s commitment to providing the best public services by enhancing innovation continues, including the provincial government of East Java. Public Services Assistant at the Ministry of State Apparatus Empowerment and Bureaucratic Reform (PANRB) Diah Natalisa said that information technology or computer science (IT) is one of the innovation delivery tools.

“It’s a tools to transmit innovation in the current digital era,” Diah said during the workshop on Strengthening the Sustainability of Utility Innovations in East Java Province, Surabaya, Friday (02/09).

Diah gave an example of two innovations that use IT, namely the Badung Regency government’s FishGo innovation and the Jakarta Kini (JAKI) application created by the provincial government DKI Jakarta. FishGO is a fishing technology application based on navigation technology with three main features, namely the location of potential fishing areas, the best time to fish and the best route to go to sea.

Meanwhile, the provincial government of DKI Jakarta is developing the JAKI app as a one-stop service solution. This unique application is useful for the community to obtain information and integrated services that are simple, fast and convenient.

20220902 DEP YANLIK Workshop on Strengthening Innovation Sustainability in Public Service East Java Province 1

But innovation doesn’t need to use technology. East Java Province has an innovative community economic development based on an Islamic boarding school (Eko-Tren). The provincial government of East Java will develop Eco-Trend with the aim of improving people’s well-being through job creation and business improvement. “So it’s not how sophisticated or expensive the technology is, but how much the benefits of innovation impact society,” Diah said.

Various achievements have also been made by the province of East Java in the development of innovation. In 2014, 15 innovations entered the Top 99 of public service innovations. Finally, in 2022, 18 innovations from 12 East Java regional governments managed to make achievements at KIPP 2022. For these achievements, Diah rated East Java province as one of the most innovative provinces.

Diah revealed that out of the total number of major innovations coming from local government, 20% of major innovations came from East Java. “So it is not wrong that East Java deserves the title of one of the most innovative provinces,” Diah said, during the event which was also attended by the Minister of Labor for the 2014 term. -2019, Ignasius Jonan.

20220902 DEP YANLIK Workshop on Strengthening Innovation Sustainability in Public Service East Java Province 5

Regarding digital transformation in public services, Regional Secretary of East Java Province, Adhy Karyono, said the use of digital technology in service delivery to the community has helped speed up and modernize public services. in Indonesia. The digitization of public services is not only about the availability of digital services, but also about changing the mindset and competence of public service providers and the community.

“This is where the urgency of digital literacy becomes an integral part of our efforts in the process of digitizing public services,” Adhy said.

Adhy revealed that various efforts have been made by the provincial government of East Java to improve the quality of public services, including continuing to encourage the regional apparatuses of provinces, districts and cities to innovate. Various activities have been carried out, such as facilitating the preparation and development of public service innovations, holding public service innovation competitions, and building innovation houses such as knowledge center developed into an innovation ecosystem by fostering a culture of innovation.

“So that each regional apparatus and each district/city is able to produce innovations to accelerate performance improvement or solve problems more effectively and efficiently,” he concluded. (fiction/HUMAS MENPANRB)

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