Minikino Film Week 8, showcasing 300 short films from Indonesia and abroad

DENPASAR, – The 8th Minikino Film Week (MFW8) Bali International Short Film Festival will be back from September 2-10, 2022. Still the same as the previous year, the MFW8 event series of this year will be held in a hybrid format, namely offline and online.

This annual event is expected to feature 300 short films from Indonesia and abroad presented in 55 programs.

“The shorts that will enter later will be from different gates (regions). So we (MFW8) have a choice of international channels, everyone can participate in this festival according to the agreed regulations and the maximum duration of the shorts that have been set is 25 minutes,” said Edo Wulia as director of the MFW8 Festival.

In addition, Edo Wulia explained that there were 925 short film titles entered through the Short Movie Depot and Filmfreeway online channels which were opened up to filmmakers from all over the world, including Indonesia.

“So, out of the 925 films that have been submitted, we have only selected 300 films which will be released later in MFW8,” Edo Wulia said during a press conference at Minihall Irama Indah, Jalan Diponegoro, West Denpasar. , Monday (29/8/2022).

The programs of MFW8 are divided into 30 international programs, 3 inclusive cinema programs, 10 S-Express 2022 programs, 5 Indonesia Raja 2022 programs, 1 VR movies program, 5 guest programs and Staying Up 2022 Official Selection.

“Although MFW8 is an international themed festival, this festival is committed to providing Indonesian subtitles as it is also an issue of accessibility,” said Fransiska Prihadi as Program Director of MFW8.

Fransiska said it was done as a step to make the film festival more inclusive. He therefore hopes that all the audiences present will be able to exchange and reflect critically in the local ecosystem between Indonesian speakers or between disabled friends and able-bodied people.

“All the films in this program are equipped with a close caption, a sort of subtitle for the deaf and hard of hearing. Then there is an audio description that is added to the film for visually impaired and visually impaired viewers,” Edo Wulia explained to the media team.

For further information, this year MFW8, the Bali International Short Film Festival is present in 12 points spread over almost all of Bali which will also be held simultaneously.

The list of venues for Minikino Film Week 8 are Alliance Francaise Bali, Anka Coffee, Dharma Negara Alaya, Dusun Pagi Tabanan, Genius Café Sanur, Geo Open Space, Irama Indah Minihall, Mash Denpasar, Mahima Community Learning House, Sang Karsa Film House, Rooms and Uma Seminyak.

Movie screenings on MFW are open to the public for free and provide an age rating guide. “Of course, we also give an age rating for each movie, whether it’s 7+, 13+, 18+, and also NR or unrated,” Edo Wulia said.

Still in the steep atmosphere of the pandemic, the next activities of MFW8 will continue to apply the applicable standard health protocols.

“This year’s MFW8 is likely to be attended by more people than the previous two years, so we need to be prepared during the festival that standard health protocols are still in place, but not as strict as before,” said Edo Wulia.

Next September, MFW8 will feature short film programs from invited festivals, namely Clermont-Ferrand International Short Film Festival (France), Seoul Yeongdeungpo International Extreme-Short Image & Film Festival (South Korea), Toronto Reel Asian (Canada), Image Forum (Japan) and the Kyiv International Short Film Festival (Ukraine).

On the other hand, Indonesian short films that will be screened include Ride To Nowhere, Millennial Children, These Colors Don’t Run, Street Opera, Splish Splash, Annah La Javanaise and Laut Calls Me.

Anyone planning to attend the MFW8 event can view the agenda and event recap in the Minikino Film Week Festival catalog on the website *laugh

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