Mick Schumacher uses criticism and pressure as a springboard

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F1 News: Red Bull adviser Helmut Marko sees Mick Schumacher succeed in turning criticism and pressure into strong motivation to emerge from adversity.

After starting his career in Formula 1 with disappointing results, Mick Schumacher was finally able to score his first points at the British GP. His progress continued at the Austrian GP, ​​where the young German again gained points. He finished sixth, his best result in 32 Grand Prix starts.

In fact, he has a chance to register his first F1 points at the Canadian GP. But unfortunately the rider was forced to retire early from the race due to technical issues.

Red Bull Racing adviser Helmut Marko then commented on Schumacher’s improved performance. The 23-year-old has received a lot of criticism for not being able to live up to fans’ expectations. The public also thinks that his talent is exaggerated by the media.

In F1 2021 its uncompetitive performance was understandable given that Haas’ car was the worst on the grid. Additionally, he was able to outplay his then teammate, Nikita Mazepin.

But in the 2022 season, when Haas provided Schumacher with a more capable landplane and paired him with Kevin Magnussen, the pressure and criticism came down on the driver.

Helmut Marko actually felt that was what Michael Schumacher’s son needed. The abandonment of the Ferrari Driver Academy was able to develop thanks to the pressure and criticism he received. He managed to use it as motivation to get up.

Moreover, the Austrian admitted that he has been watching Schumacher since he was still a career at junior level.

“It was like that from the start, it looked like he (Schumacher) needed real pressure and criticism, then it all worked out. In general, we follow the performance of young riders,” said Marko, quoted by The Sports Rush.

At the junior level, Schumacher earned a reputation as a racer who needed time to develop before he was successful. Marko sees it as his trademark.

“That has been the case throughout his career, just like in Formula 3,” he concluded.

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