Meet DPD RI Chairman, KKI Rejects Medical Practice Act Review – Sabda News – Professional organization Indonesian Medical Council (KKI) has requested the help of DPD RI Chairman AA LaNyalla Mahmud Mattalitti to stop the draft revision of Law Number 29 of 2004 on medical practice.

The request was made by KKI during LaNyalla’s visit to his residence, Kuningan area, Jakarta (08/07/2022).

On this occasion, the President of the DPD RI was accompanied by Senators Jialyka Maharani (South Sumatra), Bustami Zainuddin (Lampung) and Ria Mayang Sari (Jambi) as well as the special cabinet of the President of the DPD RI, Sefdin Syaifudin. During this time, KKI was represented by Prof. Bambang Supriyatno, Menaldi Rasmin, Adriyati Rafli, I Putu Suprapta, Tini Hadad, Prof. Roesje Oewen and Moestar Moeslim Taher.

Menaldi Rasmin explained that he and his colleagues were former members of KKI 3 for the 2005-2009, 2009-2014 and 2014-2020 terms.

“Why should it be stopped, so that the safety of patients throughout Indonesia is well maintained and that the international community believes that Indonesia is following a universal path in the medical world to maintain the safety of public health and patients in particular,” Menaldi said.

According to him, KKI is very concerned about the planned revision of the law. Indeed, this law allowed KKI to be a member of the International Association of Medical Regulatory Authorities (IAMRA) in Canada in 2012.

Menaldi also explained that in 2012, KKI received the trust of WHO as the organizer of the South Asia Region Council meeting of WHO countries. KKI is also used as a reference by several medical councils of Asian countries for comparative studies on health services in countries with a fairly large population and area.

“This law has also provided a unified thinking and a shared attitude between KKI and the Ministry of Health, Ministry of Education and Culture and ministries related to regulations on teaching standards, competency standards, medical school standards, production, internship programs (independence), distribution, career paths and ensuring patient safety in the practice of medicine,” he said.

Meanwhile, Bambang Supriyatno added that if this law is changed, the impact will definitely be felt by the community. Because there is a crucial point where the essence of the law states that the medical professional organization is IDI for doctors and IDGI for dentists.

“If this law is changed, then many professional medical organizations will appear, it can be dangerous,” Bambang said.

He gave an example when there was professional misconduct. While there are many medical professional organizations, physicians who commit malpractice may move from one organization to another.

“When he commits a misconduct in IDI A organization, for example, later he just moves to IDI B. If there is another mistake in IDI B, he just moves to IDI C,” Bambang said. .

Also regarding the standard of treatment, Bambang felt there would be confusion. For example, in organization A, the standard treatment for typhoid should involve infusions, hospitalization and antibiotics. Then, in organization B, there is no need for outpatient treatment, no infusion and other things that are different from the method of organization A.

“Then, during outpatient treatment, the patient died. There was a dispute in court. So which standard should we use. The doctor felt good because the organization had met the standards. Meanwhile, according to experts from other organizations, the procedure is flawed. There will be controversies and in the end people will be hurt,” he said.

The same goes for education standards. If each organization has different standards and the graduates are distributed to hospitals across Indonesia, a big problem will arise.

“Because the standards are not the same. In the treatment of patients, problems will arise and again the community will suffer,” Bambang said.

Meanwhile, DPD RI Chairman AA LaNyalla Mahmud Mattalitti is ready to fight for KKI aspirations. According to him, community service is the main thing to focus on.

“The quality of public service is certainly the main thing that must be highlighted. Don’t let the safety of the community be threatened because of this controversy. It is a matter of human life. I will convey the aspirations of the KKI,” LaNyalla said. (same)

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