Max Verstappen’s victory at the Canadian GP sets a record –

F1 News: Max Verstappen has surpassed the records of two F1 legends, Niki Lauda and Jim Clark, after claiming his 26th victory at the Canadian GP last weekend.

Max Verstappen managed to look flawless as he tried to claim his sixth win of the season. The Red Bull Racing driver managed to resist Carlos Sainz’s attack on the Gilles-Villeneuve circuit.

The total number of points he obtained in Montreal not only put him away from chasing Charles Leclerc in the 2022 F1 Drivers’ Standings, but also led him to become one of the landplane drivers who have won the most victories.

Verstappen has now recorded a total of 26 wins throughout his premier class career. The young Dutchman is one point ahead of the highest podium achieved by two Formula 1 legends, Jim Clark and Niki Lauda.

With 13 races still to go for the 2022 season championship, the opportunity is wide open for Verstappen to increase his number of wins. This can of course also lead him to surpass the records of Jackie Stewart or Nigel Mansell.

Meanwhile, the top spot on the list of greatest Formula 1 wins is occupied by Lewis Hamilton who bagged the first 103 podiums. Followed by Michael Schumacher (91), Sebastian Vettel (53) and Alain Prost (51) in the top four.

Commenting on his perfect performance at the Canadian GP, ​​Max Verstappen did not deny that the race went well from the first free practice. The 24-year-old runner even enjoyed the tension in the final stages of the race.

“The weekend went pretty well for me, and we can be happy about that. Overall Ferrari is very fast and strong in the race,” said Verstappen.

“In the end, the race was really interesting. The last two laps were great fun. I gave it my all and gave it my all,” he concluded.

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