MarineLand “animal abuse” park set to cease operations after allegations of barbarity

“Everybody loves MarineLand” was once the main slogan of the Canadian theme park’s popular marine life-focused jingle, but after numerous recent allegations, it appears things weren’t as amicable as they seemed and that the theme park is reportedly closed permanently.

MarineLand, the marine mammal park located in Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada, has faced numerous allegations and controversies over the years.

Now, according to Toronto news account Straight outta the 6ixtv:

#BREAKING: According to several sources, MarineLand employees are laid off and informed that the park will no longer operate. It appears that MarineLand Canada no longer exists

This information is not yet confirmed, but the theme park has certainly had a rough few years when it comes to its wildlife claims, including the deaths of 14 whales.

That being said, last year, the park saw a 37% increase in visitors: “We are thrilled to see so many families and visitors returning to MarineLand Canada,” said Marie Holer, owner of Marineland Canada. “We have worked tirelessly to ensure our customers have a safe and enjoyable experience, and we are pleased to see that our efforts have not gone unnoticed. »

A significant period of negative attention began around 2012, when former employees and animal rights activists raised concerns about the treatment of animals at the park. The allegations included poor living conditions, inadequate veterinary care and mistreatment of marine mammals such as dolphins, whales and seals. The allegations sparked public outcry and led to investigations by animal welfare organizations and government agencies.

Credit: Marineland of Canada

In 2012, the documentary Black fish was released, which focused on the captivity of orcas, particularly Tilikum, a killer whale held at SeaWorld in the United States. While Black fish Primarily focused on SeaWorld, it brought attention to the broader issue of captivity and treatment of marine mammals at similar facilities, including MarineLand. Although not directly about MarineLand, the release of the documentary has reignited scrutiny of marine parks around the world, including those in Canada.

While Black fish did not specifically expose MarineLand, it contributed to the growing public awareness and criticism of marine mammal captivity, which affected institutions like MarineLand. In response to negative attention and pressure from activists and the public, MarineLand has come under increased scrutiny from regulatory authorities and animal welfare organizations.

MarineTerre even spoke out after Blackfish left a dark mark on the Canadian park: “The ‘star’ of Black fish “Whatever issues the film portrays, Canadians, Ontarians, people in the Niagara region, people in Niagara Falls, employees of Marineland, past or present, had absolutely nothing to do with what happened at Sea World,” the statement said.

Two children observe a belugaTwo children observe a beluga
Credit: Marineland of Canada

Phil Demers, a former MarineLand coach, was among several former park employees who spoke to the Toronto Star as part of an investigation into animal care practices at the facility. He expressed his astonishment upon hearing this statement.

“It’s actually incredibly inaccurate to suggest that there’s no relationship,” he said, adding that things at MarineLand are actually worse than at Sea World.

“MarineLand has 20 dead orcas and no baby dolphins have been created in a few months,” he said.

He also stated that MarineLand was actually located Black fishcontrary to what the park claims.

“One of the opening scenes was filmed at Marineland, in the aquarium complex,” Demers explained. “It’s Nemo the Dolphin on stage.”

He added that he was surprised that Marineland “was so bold given their track record” and that it would be better to “just try to hide among all this.”

While Black fish wasn’t focused on MarineLand, the 2020 movie The Morse code and the whistleblower was – which delved deeper into the history of Demers.

The documentary follows Demers as he expresses concerns about the welfare of the animals, particularly a walrus named Smooshi, with whom he had formed a close bond during his time as his trainer. Demers alleges poor living conditions, inadequate care and mistreatment of animals at MarineLand.

There are many others who have defended MarineLand, despite these claims.

Encounters with beluga whales at MarineLandEncounters with beluga whales at MarineLand
Credit: MarineLand Park

In 2022 Animal justice shared: “New video from Marineland’s opening weekend reveals that the marine park continues to hold dolphin shows, despite a national ban on the practice. Animal Justice obtained footage of dolphins used in shows over the weekend, including trainers clapping to energetic pop music, dolphins pushing a trainer into the water, and dolphins performing various tricks including jumping and turn around in the air.

SHOCKING: New footage from #Marineland’s opening day shows the marine park STILL forcing dolphins to perform despite a national ban on such entertainment shows and a pending criminal charge.

We filed a complaint with the police about this cruel and brazen act.

A recent day Reddit who shared the same X post we referenced above with the news of the theme park closing, many shared comments and thoughts on this potential closure (the most popular unified agreement being that guests will miss roller coaster Dragon Mountain) – with many believing the park will be bought by Disney, Universal or SeaWorld. None of these parks or companies have said they will buy MarineLand, despite rumors. Its location perhaps makes it a sought-after location, as it is located on the US-Canadian border, in one of the most touristy locations in Canada.

The allegations and controversies surrounding MarineLand have led to ongoing debates over the ethics of holding marine mammals in captivity for entertainment purposes and have sparked calls for stricter regulations or even the closure of facilities like MarineLand . MarineLand is currently closed for the winter season.

What do you think about the alleged news that MarineLand is closing its doors forever?

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