Many countries are in struggle, the G20 threatened with dissolution

CNBC Indonesia, Jakarta – The war between Ukraine and Russia had a major impact on global economic and political conditions. In addition to disrupting food and energy supplies, the conflict between the two countries is impacting this year’s Group of 20 (G20) event, chaired by Indonesia.

As is known, some time ago US President Joe Biden urged Russia to be expelled from the G20 alliance, as punishment for the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

This insistence was also supported by several G70 countries. This is quite worrying for Indonesia, which will host the G20 summit in the third quarter of 2022.

Director and Group Head of BI’s International Politics Department, Haris Munandar, acknowledged that Indonesia, as the holder of the G20 Presidency, is indeed facing dynamic geopolitical issues, especially when preparing G20 discussions for the financial aspect.

“We didn’t think there was such a dynamic that brought with it not only the risk of being difficult to get consensus like the Communiqué, but also the risk of the G20 becoming G19 or G13 or the potential to disappear altogether,” did he declare. explained, in the webinar ISEI Jakarta Indonesia and the G20 Presidency: Recent Developments, Prospects and Relevance, Monday (5/9/2022).

He also explained how difficult it was to reach a communiqué during the G20 finance ministers and central bank governors meeting in July 2022, some countries were reluctant to use the word war to describe the conditions between the Ukraine and Russia.

“When discussing the global economy and global risk, it was as if it were predicted that there would be two poles or two parties each clinging to the red line position or unable to go again in the middle to compromise,” he said. said.

According to Haris, both are hesitant to use the words “war” or “war” to describe the condition of Ukraine and Russia. In fact, his condition clearly portrays the war.

G7 groups, such as the United States, Europe and Canada, have persisted in using the term “invasion of Ukraine”.

Meanwhile, Russia, China and India don’t want to use the word war. Instead of using it, they chose the word “conflict”.

“The furthest is the dispute, so we won’t find that area,” he said.

After there were differences, a communiqué or joint statement from the G20 governors and finance ministers meeting was not reached.

However, he revealed that the G20 finance track goes topic by topic and agenda by agenda in detail.

“We agreed to do a chair’s summary, which is consensus in some places and recordings in others,” he said.

Of the 14-paragraph President’s summary, Haris added that only two paragraphs had (contested) issues, namely paragraphs 1 and 2 regarding the global economy and political risks.

Meanwhile, paragraphs 3-14 contain consensus on policy mix, digital financial risks, and financial and other inclusion.

Because of this difference, paragraphs 1 and 2 should describe in detail the views of G20 members regarding the wars in Ukraine and Russia.

“We sum it up, it’s the maximum we do,” he said.

The Bank’s Chief Economist for Central Asia, David E. Sumual, said that to face the challenges of the current G20, Indonesia must have the acumen to arbitrate disputes.

So far, he sees President Joko Widodo’s commitment to moving the big issues of the G20 from politics to economics.

“We see government maneuvering, President Joko Widodo has visited Ukraine, Russia and the three G20 countries in East Asia, Japan, China and South Korea to reach an agreement on important issues that we want to move forward,” David said.

So he sees the current focus of the Indonesian presidency on issues that can unite the G20, not the other way around.

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