Make Medan proud, successfully open a restaurant in Canada to get an award

JAKARTA, – Medan Boy named Kasim made the name of his region proud. Gone fashion, it is now open successfully Restaurant with a special menu Indonesia in the town of Edmonton, Canada.

This culinary business was built 20 years ago. Kasim also said that before, his clients were just four Indonesian families and students.

But who would have thought, this restaurant named Padmanadi has become known by thousands of customers. Fans are not only Indonesian. Kasim also opened a branch of his restaurant in the southern city of Edmonton.

He also admitted that when he opened this culinary business, he no longer relied on word of mouth. New customers come after knowing the history of taste in the restaurant.

“I run this business like restaurants in Padang Indonesia, that is, I don’t use promotions, just word of mouth,” Kasim said.

“It turns out that people here like our menu, like rendang, chicken curry, chicken satay, gado-gado, Javanese noodles, ginger tea and many more,” he continued. said.

Publisher: Nani Suherni

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