Lower, 1 USD equals 15,736 IDR – JERNIH.ID

JERNIH.ID, Jakarta – The rupee exchange rate is at the level of 15,737 rupees for one US dollar. The Garuda currency weakened by 42 points or 0.27% from the previous trade.

Meanwhile, Bank Indonesia’s (BI) benchmark, the Jakarta Interbank Spot Dollar Rate (Jisdor) puts the Rupee at Rp 15,736 per US Dollar.

Unlike the rupee, the currencies of other Asian regions are compact in the green zone. The Japanese yen appreciated 0.41%, the Thai baht 1.12%, the Philippine peso 0.45%, the South Korean won 0.34% and the Chinese yuan 0.45%. .

The Singapore dollar also strengthened by 0.39% and the Hong Kong dollar was flat at the close of trading this afternoon.

Likewise, the major currencies of developed countries are compact in the green zone. The European euro rose 0.28%, the pound gained 0.50% and the Swiss franc strengthened 0.25%.

Then, the Australian dollar strengthened by 0.91% and the Canadian dollar by 0.65%.

DCFX analyst Lukman Leong said the rupiah’s weakening this afternoon was more due to domestic sentiment. One of them is inflation data.

In October, although annual inflation was recorded at 5.71%, monthly deflation was 0.11%.

“The rupiah is still under pressure even though the US dollar is correcting today. Internal sentiment is still negative after data showed deflation in October in Indonesia,” he said, as reported CNNIndonesia.com.

He said the data dampened expectations of a BI rate hike.(*/JR1)

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