List of the 10 countries with the most scammers in the world, RI Enter?

Jakarta, Batam news – Online scams or frauds often happen, especially in today’s modern age which is full of advanced technological capabilities through the internet. Nigeria and India, for example, are the countries with the highest spam and scam rates in the world.

However, India and Nigeria are not alone. There are other countries that are also known to have the highest number of scammers in the world targeting various markets.

Launch Analytical overviewHere are the 10 countries with the highest number of scammers in the world:

1. Nigeria
2. India
3. China
4. Brazil
6. Indonesia
7. Venezuela
8. South Africa
9. Philippines
10. Romania.

Meanwhile, the countries most vulnerable to online fraud attacks also have their own data. According to a report from ‘The Gen-Z Fraud Report: A Global Outlook’ 2020 survey, here is the list of countries:

1. United States of America
America was ranked first with 465,177 victims.

2. English
In 2nd place was the United Kingdom with a total of 216,633 victims, half the number of victims in the United States.

3. Canada
There are 5,399 victims who are victims of online fraud.

“While the UK has less than half the number of victims in the US, it has a population of around 20% of the US, suggesting that the UK has an internet fraud problem. much larger for its relative size,” the report said.

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