List of countries with the worst levels of mental health in the world

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Not all countries in the world have a level Mental Health good. Some of them are even listed as low mental well-being countries.

One of them can be seen in a poll conducted in 2019. The poll, conducted by the non-profit organization Sapien Labs, tries to find out the state of mental health around the world.

To quote Insiderssurvey results show that a number of countries have poor mental health conditions.

The Mental Health Quotient (MHQ) survey gives scores ranging from -100 to 200. Positive scores represent the range of “normal” functioning, while negative scores indicate the likelihood of poor mental health in a country.

The survey was launched in 2019 and has since reached 223,000 people in 34 countries. The survey is listed on one page and can be completed anonymously for 15 minutes.

MHQ assesses six aspects of well-being. These include mood and self-perception, social skills, motivation, cognition, adaptability and resilience, and mind-body connection.

Not only that, the survey also found that national economic indicators such as high GDP per capita were correlated with lower average mental health scores.

This finding is considered surprising. Indeed, until now it has been assumed that national economic prosperity equates to greater social well-being.

Here are eight countries with the worst mental health scores:

– South Africa,
– English,
– Australia,
– Ireland,
– Indian
– New Zealand,
– Canada, and
– The United States of America.

Next, the countries with the highest average mental health scores come from Latin America, Spain and several French-speaking countries in Europe and Africa.


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