List of 89 countries confirmed positive for monkeypox, Indonesia records one positive case of monkeypox

TRIBUNNEWS.COM – Here is a list of 89 countries that have confirmed cases of monkeypox to the World Health Organization (WHO).

The WHO published the list of 89 countries in a journal called “Multi-country outbreaks of monkeypox”.

The WHO newspaper said the first reported cases of monkeypox in Africa had spread to other countries.

While Indonesia has just confirmed the first positive case of monkeypox, which was announced by Ministry of Health (Kemenkes) spokesperson Dr. Syahril on Saturday (20/8/2022).

Dr. Syahril said the first patient confirmed positive for monkeypox was a man (27) who had just returned from a country on WHO’s 89 lists.

In its entirety, here is a list of 89 countries, based on data from January 1, 2022 to August 7, 2022.

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Africa Region:

1. Benin
2. Cameroon
3. Central African Republic
5. Democratic Republic of the Congo
6. Ghana
7. Liberia
8. Nigeria
9. South Africa

Americas Region:

10. Argentina
12. Barbados
13. Bermuda
14. Bolivia (Plurinational Country)
15. Brazil
17. Chile
18. Colombia
19. Costa Rica
20. Dominican Republic
21. Ecuador
23. Guatemala
24. Jamaica
25. Martinique
26. Mexico
27. Panama
28. Peru
29. Puerto Rico
30. St. Martin
31. United States of America
33. Venezuela (Republic of Bolivia)

Geographic distribution of confirmed cases of monkeypox reported or identified by WHO from official public sources from 1 January 2022 to 7 August 2022, 17:00 CEST. (WHO)

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