List of 12 national teams not qualified for the Top 16 of the 2022 World Cup

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A total of 12 teams failed to qualify for the Round of 16 World Cup 2022. Here are the teams that were eliminated early.

Belgium, Costa Ricaand German being the three most recent teams to be forced to lift their luggage faster than the other participants. .

Germany were surprisingly knocked out early despite beating Costa Rica 4-2 on Matchday 3 on Friday (2/12) early morning WIT.

Germany lost on goal difference to Spain who were beaten 1-2 by Japan. It couldn’t be separated from Spain’s big 7-0 win over Costa Rica on Matchday 1.

Then Costa Rica also had to leave the 2022 World Cup as they were beaten by Germany. Even though they got the better of Die Mannschaft until the 70th minute.

Meanwhile, Belgium have withdrawn from the 2022 World Cup after being held 0-0 by Croatia. The 2018 World Cup semi-finalists sit third in the final Group F standings with four points.

Denmark also failed to qualify as Group D goalkeepers under third-placed Tunisia. Saudi Arabia, who had been in the spotlight for beating Argentina in the opening Group C match, were instead sent off. Saudi Arabia finished bottom of the group or were under Mexico, who also had to return home.

Previously, hosts Qatar had swallowed the harsh reality of being the first team to be knocked out of the World Cup. Qatar suffered the first two matches with defeat at hand.

Canada then became the second team to be eliminated from the 2022 World Cup. Canada lost 1-4 to Croatia in the second game on Sunday (27/11).

Before losing to Croatia, Canada also lost 0-1 to Belgium in their first match. Thus, Canada did not earn any points from the two games it played.

In Tuesday’s match (29/11), Ecuador became the next team to be eliminated from the 2022 World Cup. Ecuador lost to Senegal 1-2, so they had to occupy third place in Group A.

From Group B, Iran and Wales are the two teams that have to carry their luggage. Iran lost 0-1 to the United States in the deciding game while Wales lost 0-3 to England while forcing them to accept the last position.

List of 12 national teams eliminated from the 2022 World Cup:

3. Ecuador
5. Wales
6. Denmark
7. Tunisian
8. Saudi Arabia
9. Mexico
10. Belgium
11. Costa Rica
12. Germany

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