Leylah Annie Fernandez hopes her feet will fully return

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Tennis News: Like other athletes, Leylah Annie Fernandez wanted to win many matches and tournaments, but after an injury she was forced to adapt to her goals.

The Canadian had an impressive run at Roland Garros 2022 after reaching the quarter-finals, but he struggled with a leg injury and ended up losing to Italian Martina Trevisan.

It was a double whammy for the 2021 US Open runner-up after his injury turned out to be more serious than he expected, namely a broken third degree, causing him to miss Wimbledon this season.

In an interview with TSN, the 19-year-old admitted he didn’t think too much about the injury when he first felt the pain.

“I had a twinge in my heart in the third half and I didn’t think about it at all,” admits Annie Fernandez. “I thought it was a non-serious pain in my leg, but over time it only got worse. In my last game and even the day before, I didn’t feel so good. We hoped that it would be a good quarter-final, but the match didn’t go well.”

Regarding the pain, Annie Fernandez added: “It was a sharp pain. At first it was like a pinch, then after a sharp pain. It was quite difficult to get my legs down, then it was very difficult for me to walk normally.

The Canadian played his best match at Roland Garros this season, so many saw him as the favorite to advance to the semi-finals where he has a chance to face young American Cori Gauff.

The 19-year-old admitted he looked down after learning the severity of the injury.

“It was very heavy. The first few days I felt very sad. I hope it’s just a sprain or a pinched nerve, or something is wrong with my leg muscles and that everything will be fine in a few weeks, but it’s the fracture that has set us back quite far”, explained Annie Fernandez.

“I feel really sad because I know I’m so close to a Grand Slam semi-final and potentially playing Cori Gauff.”

The Canadian is now struggling to recover and is expected to return to competition in Washington from early August. Now his main goal is to play tennis again.

“Go back to the game and be healthy. We just want my legs to be good and my body to be ready to compete in long and difficult matches, because all the players are now so good,” said Annie Fernandez.

“I just want to be there with my body in great shape, my mind fresh and enjoying my time on the pitch. We don’t want to think about any results. Of course I want to win. Every athlete wants to win games, wants to win games. tournaments, but for me the most important thing is that my body feels ready towards the end of the season.”

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