Lewis Hamilton Back Pain, Kevin Magnussen Gives F1 Canada 2022 Bad News

GridOto.com – Lewis Hamilton has back pain after racing in F1 in Azerbaijan last week. Kevin Magnussen has some bad news ahead of the 2022 Canadian F1 race this weekend.

The FIA ​​received complaints from several drivers during the 2022 Azerbaijan F1 weekend due to back pain caused by extreme bouncing at high speeds.

This weekend’s Canadian F1 race will be bad news for Mercedes, with Lewis Hamilton the worst-hit driver in Baku.

With his back injury, Lewis Hamilton seems threatened during the Canadian F1 weekend.

Although the seven-time F1 champion has confirmed he is fit to race.
The Gilles Villeneuve circuit could play a very similar role to the Baku circuit in Azerbaijani F1.

This circuit in Montreal also has long straights and should remain a porpoising problem.


Haas team driver Kevin Magnussen believes the Gilles Villeneuve circuit will be “cruel” for the drivers.

Previously, many drivers have been intervened by the FIA ​​to reduce the porpoising effect.

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But the car will not change for now with the race weekend in Montreal which will be another reflection.

“Montreal is a really cool place. It’s a good track too, quite unique, like a street circuit but also mixed, I like it a lot,” said Kevin Magnussen, as quoted by GridOto.com of RacingNews365.com.

“It’s so bumpy it’s going to be cruel on this new car because it’s so stiff. It’s going to be a challenge, I’m sure, but that’s good.”

Kevin Magnussen’s view could be bad news for Lewis Hamilton.

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