Leaving to study in Canada, Girry Pratama explored his skills in the world of cinema.

JAKARTA, KOMPAS.com – Director and producer Girry Pratama will continue his studies in Canada in August.

Even though he has already obtained a master’s degree, it did not tire Girry Pratama of studying.

Girry Pratama wants to know more about the world of cinema. He wants to develop his skills in the field of directing and producing a film.

“Only August will leave, in fact I just want to learn something new. It’s not boring, there must be new innovations from Lingkar Film (the production house),” said Girry Pratama in the Kemang region. , South Jakarta, Tuesday (21/6/2022).

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By learning more about the world of cinema, Girry Pratama wants to create new innovations for the films he makes. Given, many movies started to be produced by Lingkar Film.

The 35-year-old hopes that in the future he will be able to produce even better works.

“If there is no innovation later blocked here. Meanwhile, over time, new directors appear, the new PH has a lot of exciting movies. If I can’t blocked“said Girry Primary.

“There are more and more improvements in every genre of (made) film,” he said.

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Choosing Canada as a place of study is not without reason.

Girry said he was excited to attend the Toronto International Film Festival being held in Canada.

According to Girry, many good films are included in the Toronto International Film Festival, which are his recommendations for filmmaking.

“First of all, I really like participating in the Toronto Film Festival. I always visit just look. Over there, there are a lot of novelties that are taboo for us, but it turns out to be a success there. That’s what you want to learn, pull-pullthe character,” Girry Primary said.

“In the past, Indonesians have always dared to make commercial films, but there are films that have strange ideas but explode. So it’s like a horror movie but the filming takes place during the day,” Girry said.

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The man who was born in Kalimantan then said that he would not shut himself up if he later met in Canada the woman he idolized according to his type.

However, he stressed that his main goal in Canada was to study filmmaking, not to find a mate.

“It’s really already a mate, who knows when in college the couple can go on (but the intention is to study),” Girry said.

Girry Pratama is not new to the world of cinema. He is known for having directed several films such as young mango until Ghostbuser: Mister Village Dancer which streams exclusively on Disney+ Hotstar.

More recently, Girry Pratama has produced films Love 5 elements who studied Chinese culture, including China Benteng in Tangerang.

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