Leaks of NIK communication and IT staff from the city of Mojokerto, registered members of political parties

TIMESINDONESIA, MOJOKERTO – The population identification number (NIK) of a staff member of the communication and information office of the city of Mojokerto (Diskominfo) has been disclosed. The staff, whose identities do not want to be revealed, said they reported it to Jombang Regency’s General Election Monitoring Agency (Bawaslu). This is because his name is registered as a member of a political party in the town of Santri.

“My NIK leaked. I filed a complaint with Bawaslu,” he told TIMES Indonesia on Thursday (8/9/2022). “The case is that my NIK is registered as a member of the PSI party,” he explained.

Moreover, the commissioner of Jombang Regency Bawaslu, Ahmad Zaini, confirmed this. There is a government staff member registered as a member of a political party.

“What came to us was from Mojokerto City Kominfo staff,” Ahmad Zaini said.

So far, the Bawaslu of Jombang Regency has received 5 complaints. The average number of complaints received by NIK is registered as a member of a political party.

“Indeed, yesterday there were several complaints from the public which were characterized as members of political parties. So far there have been 5 complaints, we have not checked online. We have been following these complaints with the KPU,” he explained.

Meanwhile, the secretary of the Indonesian Solidarity Party (PSI) for the Jombang-Mojokerto region said he had not checked whether the name was registered as a member of his party.

Responding to requests from party members for immediate withdrawal, Irawan admitted that he had to check first and would confirm with TIMES Indonesia if it had been done.

“Wait, I will confirm this first. I will ask if it has been removed. Please wait,” Irawan told TIMES Indonesia on Thursday (8/9/2022).

Previously, the Minister of Communication and Information of the Republic of Indonesia reminded the public not to carelessly share NIK and other personal data with unauthorized parties.

“To the public, I ask that we take care of our privacy data through our NIK, not to let it be used by others. We use it under our control. Thus, the NIK is only given to those who are truly trustworthy and need it. There has to be accountability. Our own NIK,” said Jhonny G. Plate, as quoted by various reports circulating.

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