LANTAMAL III RECEIVES A VISIT OF CANADA’S KAPRA HMCS WINNIPEG (338) AT JICT II TJ PRIOK Jakarta — Main Base Commander TNI AL (Lantamal) III Jakarta Brigadier General TNI (Mar) Umar Farouq, SAP, CHRMP., M.Tr. Opsla., Mr.Han represented by Planning Assistant (Asrena) Danlantamal III Marine Colonel (S) Dodik Pujiargo, SE was visited by Canadian Warship HMCS WINNIPEG (338) at JICT II Port Tanjung Priok, North from Jakarta, Wednesday (08/31/2022).

In accordance with the function of the regional base, Lantamal III Jakarta performs its duties by providing security support and anchoring facilities for foreign vessels that will dock in the region by applying the procedures and provisions applicable in the navy to international standards . The acceptance of the frigate type Navy ship HMCS WINNIPEG (338) was attended by Canadian Defense Attaché Colonel Stewart Tailor and will dock in Jakarta for the next four days in Jakarta with the ship’s Commanding Officer , Captain Annick Fortin.

“With activities like this, the Indonesian Navy, in this case Lantamal III Jakarta, supports it by providing anchoring facilities and ensuring the safety of foreign vessels according to the applicable procedures, of course with international standards. It is also an effort to strengthen the bilateral relationship between the two countries and create a sense of unity between the Indonesian Navy and the Canadian Navy,” Colonel Dodik said.

Lantamal III received a warm welcome while implementing health protocols.


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