Know the causes of broken engine rims

BANDUNG, KOMPAS.comRim is a component that is integrated into the tires of motor vehicles. Thus, the combination of the two is called a wheel.

As we know, the wheel is the support of the weight of the bicycle motorbike as well as the main component that is in direct contact with the road surface.

Therefore, the tires and rim have a very close relationship. In fact, it is not uncommon for rims to be damaged by improper tire installation. So what are the causes of damaged motorcycle rims?

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Owner Mohammad Toha Racing Bandung Galih said dented rims are usually caused by impacts from the road surface or when an accident occurs.

“The rim holds the tyre, it’s the second closest component to the road surface, plus the rim includes the wheel part which functions as a support for the weight of the vehicle, so the task is quite heavy”, Galih told on Monday (2023-09-01).

He said dented rims are usually caused by collisions that happen when a vehicle goes through a pothole or an accident.

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Honda ADV 160 motorcycle ABS rims and brakesPlatform. AHM Honda ADV 160 motorcycle ABS rims and brakes

“The wheels are equipped with standard tires, the thickness is appropriate, when the motorcycle hits a hole in the road, the rim may dent, depending on the severity of the impact, vehicle speed, pressure tires and the depth of the hole,” Galih said.

He also added that the risk of a rim getting a bump is greater when the wheel is fitted with tires that are thinner than the norm.

“With thinner tyres, the rims are of course easier to accept collisions, the actual collisions can be dampened by the tires, but since the tires are thinner, the rims are prone to bumps,” Galih said.

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The spoked rim can be compatible with tubeless tires.Youtube/M-One The spoked rim can be compatible with tubeless tires.

He said the rims can also be dented from a fairly loud crash.

“If a motorcycle has a fairly serious accident, which causes a collision of the wheels, then the chances of dents on the rims are very high,” Galih said.

So, the cause of dents on motorcycle rims is impact, either from the road surface or from an accident. Additionally, installing thinner tires also increases the chance of rim dents.

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