Key Apriyani/Fadia Canadian Double Brush Communication Style at Japan Open 2022


Apriyani Rahayu/Siti Fadia Silva Ramadhanti reveal key to their success in victory/Photo/PBSI

OSAKAApriyani Rahayu / Siti Fadia Silva Ramadhanti reveal the key to their success by winning each game. The Indonesian women’s doubles stalwart said her distinctive communication style was the main factor behind the success.

Last, Apriyani/Fadia Get rid of Canadian pair Catherine Choi/Josephine Wu in the 2022 Japan Open Round of 16 at Maruzen Intec Arena in Osaka on Tuesday (8/30/2022) morning WIB. Apriyani/Fadia won with a score of 21-15 and 21-15.

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Of course, the communication model of women’s doubles which was only paired in May 2022 in the match was in the spotlight. They show distinct and strong communication with each other.

For example, during the game, it was heard that Apri called Fadia with the greeting “Sister”. He’s also not shy about saying thank you after getting a point, or subtly asking for help changing the ball, etc. Vice versa.

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According to them, a scheme like this brings a positive aura to the field. For Apriyani, it has become her habit since partnering with Greysia Polii before.

“That’s indeed my communication with Fadia. How to bring a positive aura to the pitch. Because we build it like that. For one purpose, to succeed together. That’s what I learned a lot from sister Grays ( Greysia Polii),” Apri explained after the match was quoted PBSI’s release.

With this communication scheme, it is hoped that the champions of the Malaysian Open and the Singapore Open 2022 will be able to maintain their game until the end. They will also face tougher opponents in the next round.

Among them are their potential Round of 16 opponents who will be contested the day after tomorrow. Apriyani/Fadia will await the winner between Liu Xuan Xuan/Xia Yu Ting (China) against Anna Ching Yik Cheong/Teoh Mei Xing (Malaysia).


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