Kepok Krecek banana exporters are crowded with infrastructure

Bisnis.comBALIKPAPAN — Exporter banana local origin from East Kutai Regency, East Kalimantan Province (East Kalimantan) awaiting the attention of central and local governments to improve transport accessibility to the port.

Taruna Bina Mandiri Cooperative leader Priyanto said that currently his party has to cover a distance of 380 kilometers from Kaubun district in East Kutai to Kariangau port in Balikpapan town in passing through a muddy plantation road.

“It’s called an agricultural road, the majority is still in the ground if it rains, it is forced to produce crops. The long journey from Kaliorang to Balikpapan,” he said on Wednesday (28/9/2022).

Banana local origin East Kalimantan known as Pisang Kepok Krecek, was previously exported to Malaysia, Taiwan, Pakistan and Canada with production coming from four sub-districts of Kutim, namely Kaliorang, Kaubun, Sangkulirang and Karangan sub-districts.

Next, Priyanto added that another thing the government needs to pay attention to is the limited water supply of PDAM and PLN in banana growing areas.

He revealed that to this day, residents still use drilled wells and diesel engines to ignite electricity.

“Different from Kaliorang and Bengalon areas [yang keadaannya lebih baik]. However, we always show our abilities, not our weaknesses, which we that’s it in fact still lacking here and there,”

On the other hand, Priyanto said the addition of productive land continues to open up 76 hectares of land with a number of trees banana plant wide 115 hectares in Kaubun.

Based on data compiled by the East Kalimantan Department of Food Crops and Horticulture (DPTPH), the land area continues to grow from 1,200 hectares in early 2022 to 1,700 hectares today.

Furthermore, Priyanto explained that the number of farmers has also increased by increasing up to 82 new farmer members of the cooperative, bringing the total number of kapok krecek banana farmers to 300 people.

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