KemenkopUKM meets Bali cooperatives with foreign buyers

BALI – The Ministry of Cooperatives and SMEs through the Delegate for Cooperatives in collaboration with the National Crafts Council held a business matchmaking bring together a number of cooperatives in Bali with buyers foreign potential.

Deputy Assistant for Human Resource Development for Cooperatives and Functional Positions in the Ministry of Cooperatives and SMEs, Nasrun Siagian, said that the activities business matchmaking It brought together 60 participants made up of several cooperatives, ranging from Putri Ayu Sejati Marketing Cooperative, Griya Mas Sedana Consumer Cooperative, Agung Mandiri Consumer Cooperative, Family Friendly Women’s Cooperative (KPRK).

“This includes Cipta Wastra Sundara Producers Cooperative, KSP Bali Satya Madani, Yastiti Rupa Cooperative, KSU Dana Mandiri and KSP Honest Utama Mandiri,” he added in an official statement from Bali on Friday (9/9).

While for buyers overseas made up of international business players, namely Steve Holloway of the Holloway Group based in Canada, Angela Holloway from Australia and Happy Posey from the United States.

Nasrun explained that business matching activity was carried out on the basis of product bundling interior decoration, Fashion Accessories, and weaving. Outraged business matchmakingthe activity also includes the curation of products and interview between the cooperative actors and the three buyers.

Activity business matchmaking it will also strengthen the role of cooperatives as Buyer The first concerns MSME products. Therefore, it invites MSME actors to join cooperatives to get the most possible benefits, one of which is guaranteed product uptake.

“Joining a cooperative will make it easier for foreign buyers to find partners. In addition, MSMEs will also have easy access to capital, training, use of technology, including factory sharing“, said Nasrun.

Meanwhile, Angela Holloway also provided information to SMEs and cooperatives regarding the ins and outs of exporting. According to him, today, failures that occur in product exports are the result of communication problems with customers. buyers on the delivery schedule.

Another hurdle is failure at the time of production, so exporters need to be open to buyers. According to him, these things can be a lesson for better cooperative and SME exports in the future.

“We failed transactions because their production failed, but they didn’t dare to say it, even just picking up the phone didn’t dare,” he said.

Therefore, Angela hoped Buyer SME products can move quickly when an obstacle occurs. This is done so that buyers feel satisfied and can make repeat order or order again. On the other hand, he also appreciated the steps taken by KemenkopUKM to support economic actors and cooperatives in the archipelago.

“For instance business matchmaking this, can help buyer to meet buyershis. We hope that activities like this can be carried out continuously,” Angela said.

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