Justin Trudeau, Canadian Prime Minister with big technological ambitions

Justin Trudeau, Canadian Prime Minister with big technological ambitions

By: Nadhira Luthfia Maheswari, student at the Faculty of Administrative Sciences, Department of Public Administration, University of Indonesia.

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has currently been in office for approximately 8 years. During his mandate, Justin has great ambitions for technological progress in Canada.

Recently, there has been a conflict in Canada, where a major technology company namely Meta or commonly known previously as Facebook has officially blocked news content in Canada.

The reasons why these big companies are blocking news content in Canada started when Canada implemented a new legal policy requiring big digital companies to pay royalties to news publishers for news content shared on their platforms.

In this law, it is considered that this is only specific to the companies Google and Meta, because these are the two companies that meet Canada's own criteria.

Citing the Mediaindonesia.com page, with this, of course, these big companies oppose the new law that was adopted by Canada because they consider this law to be very unfair to them and burdensome. Of course, this was considered by the company, depending on whether this law would solve the main structural problems or vice versa.

With this conflict occurring, it certainly raises a lot of questions and confusion from the public who are having difficulty finding important information about what is happening.

Assessment of the leadership of Justin Trudeau, considered to have great ambitions in terms of technology:

Trudeau is an innovative leader in carrying out his duties. He has supported the development of new technologies, such as AI (artificial intelligence) and renewable energy technology.

Trudeau also expressed concern about data protection and privacy, particularly in the face of challenges that exist in managing and protecting Canadian citizens' data in the digital age.

Justin Trudeau has also promoted various digitalization and modernization measures within government, including more efficient public services and accessibility of information through online platforms.

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