Jonathan Di Bella wins ONE world strawweight kickboxing title in epic fight against Zhang Peimian

Fans expect quick and violent action between Jonathan DiBella and “Fighting Cock” Zhang Peimian for the vacant ONE Strawweight Kickboxing World Title, and these two incredible forwards delivered it in five thrilling rounds.

Italian-Canadian star Di Bella won the gold belt after picking up a unanimous decision in the main event UN 162 on Friday, October 21, where he sealed victory with a dramatic knockdown over the Chinese teenager phenomenal in the fifth round.

As expected, this match got off to a blistering pace at Axiata Arena, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Both men landed hard low kicks and Zhang chained several to hang up hard left. This Montrealer thrives on the fight and repeatedly finds goals for right his left, while the 19-year-old “Fighting Rooster” punished his rival’s thigh.

The action heated up again during the second stanza. Di Bella, who is 26, punches right and left kick, and took the lead in the exchange of fists, but Zhang landed another low kick into his rival’s forefoot.

“Fighting Rooster” clenched his jaws before striking with a straight punch and to hang up halfway through the second round, although Di Bella also responded with a to hang up his forehead towards this Chinese fighter.

This representative of the Bella Kickboxing team then showed off his boxing technique with cut sharp in the third round, while Zhang clearly felt that his low kick strategy was starting to pay off.

Then, “Fighting Rooster” added several powerful attacks to the body, which opened a gap for to hang up Di Bella’s right to return to play.

This intensity does not diminish in the rounds of the championship. ‘Fighting Rooster’ countered Di Bella’s attack with a hard low kick, but the Italian-Canadian man came prepared right left and waiting to retaliate.

From then on, Zhang marked the damage with to hang up left, and the two exchanged hard combinations of the same degree as in the opening stanza.

Everything was even on the last lap. And, despite the reception of some to hang up An opening punch left and right, Di Bella finally landed an attack that changed the tide of the fight.

After failing to nest a combination cross hookhe landed a high left kick that hit the Chinese athlete’s jaw.

Zhang fell and barely passed the referee’s count, but he eventually held on. Di Bella immediately went on and looked for a finish, but even though she couldn’t secure it, it was clear the knockdown – and the 10-8 points in that round – would have a big impact on the result.

All three judges sided with Di Bella, and the result made him the new ONE Strawweight Kickboxing World Champion after this classic fight on the world stage.

Still holding a perfect 11-0 record in his professional kickboxing career, the Canadian-born star is now the first man to become a North American world champion in a special division. striking A.

He also represented a new era by snatching the gold belt left behind by the former title holder and Thai icon. Sam-A Gaiyanghadao.

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