January 25: Facts and events on this date, National Nutrition Day

January 25 is also the 25th day of 2023 and there are 340 days left until the end of the year.

Did you know that on this day in 1961, Walt Disney’s animated film “101 Dalmatians” was released in theaters? The ride initially grossed $14 million in the United States and Canada.

Not only that, here are some recorded historical facts and events that happened on January 25, summarized by Riau24 from various sources:


The largest twin-engine aircraft in the world has made its first trip. The Boeing 777x flies from Washington to Seattle.


Spilled coconut water sparked stampedes that killed more than 258 people in India.

Incident it takes place at the Mandher Devi temple in Maharashtra, India. Three hundred thousand people frequent the shrine as part of the annual pilgrimage where pilgrims slip on coconut water underfoot, causing fires and panic.


David Beckham and Victoria Beckham are engaged.


Robert Williams has become the first recorded person to be killed by a robot in the United States. That day, a one-ton mechanical arm struck him while working at the Ford Motor Company in Michigan.


Nike was founded. Originally called Blue Ribbon Sports, the company officially became Nike, Inc.


The Cash Box Top 100 places The Beatles’ “I Want to Hold Your Hand” at number one. This meant it was the first Beatles single to top the charts in the United States.


NASA has launched the experimental Echo 2 communications satellite.

Echo 2 is the second launch of NASA’s first communications satellite project. It was essentially a shiny 135-foot-tall (41.1 m) balloon capable of reflecting communication signals. It differed significantly from later satellites not only because of its shape, but also because it could not amplify signals on its own.


The Walt Disney animation “101 Dalmatians” has been released theatrically.


National Nutrition Day (HGN) is celebrated annually on January 25. This day was made to commemorate the beginning of the cadre of Indonesian nutrition workers with the establishment of the Food Interpretation School by the People’s Food Institute (LMR).

The school was founded on January 25, 1951. Since then, the education of nutritionists has continued to develop rapidly in many universities in Indonesia.

The date of the founding of the Food Illumination School was subsequently designated as National Nutrition Day and was first commemorated by LMR in the 1960s.

This commemoration is an important impetus to raise awareness and increase the commitment of various parties to jointly build a healthy nation through a balanced diet and sustainable food production.


The first Emmy Awards were presented at the Hollywood Athletic Club in Los Angeles.


Grand Rapids, Michigan has become the first place in the United States to add fluoride to its water supply in an effort to improve oral health.


The world’s first Winter Olympics were held in Chamonix, France.

Sixteen countries from around the world are taking part in the games, with Germany being banned from entering. It is generally accepted that the ban was due to the French occupation of the Ruhr and the Rhineland at the time.


Charles Wilkes discovered Antarctica during an American naval expedition.

41 AD

Claudius becomes Roman Emperor. His birth name is Tiberius Claudius Caesar Augustus Germanicus

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These are some recorded historical facts and events that happened on January 25th.


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