James Cameron got a tech upgrade before filming Avatar: The Way of Water

JAKARTA, KOMPAS.com – Director james cameron did a major tech upgrade before starting filming Avatars: The Way of the Water.

James said that all the equipment used during the filming process Avatars The first is still in the form of a prototype that needs to be improved.

It took 13 years to perfect all these technologies so that the images obtained could be maximized in the sequels Avatars.

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“Basically, we created a new system (for the first Avatar) and it didn’t go well. So a lot of the things we did before we started filming were fix the coding, update upgrade all the gear and of course all the chains to make our job easier,” James said in a conversation with Kompas.com recently.

The Canadian director believes in the hard work of the team Avatars: The Way of the Water will produce satisfying results when played on the big screen.

James Cameron hopes audiences will enjoy the cinematic experience that has been in the works for years in theaters.

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“So when you all watch it, you’ll see a big improvement in terms of visual quality, from an emotional character perspective, because we’ve managed to fix it,” James said.

Besides prioritizing technological factors and visual quality, James Cameron also feels that the story of the second film Avatars can be enjoyed by more people.

“People are going to be so shocked at how emotional this movie is. Avatars: The Way of the Water has a deeper emotional level than the first movie,” James said.

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Movie Avatars: The Way of the Water was screened in cinemas in Indonesia from Wednesday, December 14, 2022.

In this sequel, James Cameron takes audiences on a new adventure that explores the underwater world of Pandora.

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