Iwan Fals celebrates his 61st birthday at the Bertalu Rindu Cinta concert

TEMPO.CO, JakartaSinger, Iwan Fals celebrates its 61st birthday today, Saturday September 3, 2022 by organizing the Bertalu Rindu Cinta concert. This concert is also a place to let go of the desire of Iwan Fals with his faithful fans.

Held at Panggung Kita, Leuwinanggung, Depok, West Java, this concert was initiated and designed directly by Rosana Listanto, affectionately known as Mbak Yos or Ibu Yos, wife of Iwan Fals and founder of Tiga Rambu.

“I wrote the theme and literacy for the show myself, and we’ve only had two weeks since it was initiated and decided. So the prep time is pretty tight. But I am sure that I can give my best,” said Ibu Yos, revealing the preparations for the concert she had been waiting for a long time.

Presented by bringing a magical, growling, tickling, yet romantic repertoire all rolled into one performance, Iwan Fals presents 16 of the best numbers from his previous albums. songs like July 15, 1996, To the servants, At the end of time excerpt from the album Awareness (2002), or album Swami I (1989) as Portraits, Esek-Esek-Udug-Udug, and To likeand other back issues.

Iwan Fals who is still waiting for Our Stage to sound again. “Honestly when I look back on it, the pandemic period was one of the saddest times. I’m sad because a lot of people, my brothers and sisters depend on show business and have to lose their income, like stage crews, lighting crews, sound crews,” he said.

The owner’s full name, Virgiawan Listanto, expressed his desire for offline performances that were “dead” during the pandemic. “I have to be separated from my music listeners, who have been an important part of my life, it was very sad and gloomy at that time. However, it was healed a bit while working on the album ‘Pun Aku’ last year. As long as I can still work, maybe it’s a connection that I miss, even if I can’t meet face to face,” he said.

Iwan Fals last performed at Panggung Kita, in his residency in 2018, through a routine performance titled Concert of Cultural Sites. Four years is not a short time to wait. In addition to having had to complete several tours in 2019, Iwan Fals and in particular the whole country have been made to wait by the uncertain pandemic situation for 2 years since 2020.

The name Iwan Fals & Band is often displayed in every performance performed by Iwan Fals. Become a backing musician for Iwan Fals with several new faces, Ardy Sikki (bass), Sugarda Wijaya Amiarsa (guitar, percussion and keyboard), Otta Tarrega (keyboards and synth), Zulqi Ramadhan (guitar) and the couple’s youngest son Iwan Fals and Ms. Yos, Raya Rambu Rabbani (drums) were excited and nervous to perform in front of thousands of people on our stage. “Of course, I’m excited, but a little nervous, because it’s the first time I’ve discovered our Stage,” said Raya.

Acting with young people, makes Iwan Fals always eager to grow and does not feel many obstacles in the path of each appearance. “It’s really fun to play music with new energies, and so we have room to continue to grow, to learn from each other,” said Iwan Fals.

Due to the limited number and capacity, and the fact that it takes place in the same place, the Bertalu Rindu Cinta concert can also be watched online, broadcast live via the Vidio streaming service. With the exclusive broadcast of the Vidio platform, all fans and viewers can carefully watch Bertalu Rindu Cinta’s concert through their electronic devices from all over the world.

Every scene of Iwan Fals is always full of good messages, including this concert by Bertalu Rindu Cinta. “The main message of this concert is about patience, expectation, loyalty and the meaning of life in an inauspicious and uncertain situation. I want everyone at this concert to bring a message of love and pass it on to their friends and family,” Ibu Yos said.

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