Iwan Bule’s big mission makes Indonesia national team fly like Canada

INDOSPORT.COM – PSSI General President Mochamad Iriawan is determined to make the Indonesian national team run like Canada in the FIFA rankings.

Canada has just been named best player of the year by FIFA. The award was given to Canada as the country with the highest ranking increase when the FIFA rankings were announced on February 10, 2022.

In 2014, Canada was still ranked 122nd in the world. If calculated from October 2014 to February 2022, Canada flies over 89 levels.

Meanwhile, from December 2020 until the last announcement on February 10, Canada jumped 39 places. From rank 72 to 33.

This is the highest ranking in Canadian football history. Canada’s previous highest rating was 40 (1996).

Canada has also set a FIFA record since the imposition of a ranking system in 1993. The previous record was set by the Jamaica national team in 2015 with a jump of 21 levels from the 76 to 55 ranking. .

Back to Iriawan. The commitment of the one who is colloquially called Iwan Bule to bring Garuda to fly high is beyond doubt. Since being chosen as the number one player in Indonesian football, Iriawan immediately made a breakthrough.

PSSI immediately recruited a South Korean trainer, Shin Tae-yong. He is the tactician who once made the land of Ginseng the shock of world football.

How could I not, under the guard of Shin Tae-yong, South Korea destroyed Germany 2-0, who were defending champions in the group stage. The defeat also prevented Germany from qualifying for the round of 16.

Additionally, under Iriawan’s leadership, PSSI increased the salaries of arbitrators in Indonesia. No kidding, the salaries the ground court gets in a job leading the competition under the auspices of PSSI reach Rp. 10 million.

In fact, the salary of Indonesian referees under PSSI is one of the highest in Southeast Asia.

The goal is to make the Indonesian football competition even better. Because good competition is part of building the best Indonesian national team.

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