Italy has the most ‘Chinese police stations’ in the world—Italy is said to have the highest number of “Chinese police stations” with 11 identified in the country out of more than 100 reported worldwide.

The complaint was filed by human rights groups Save Defenders based in Spain in a recently published report.

According The gardianstwo Chinese police service centers are suspected of using the northern Italian city of Milan as a testing ground for police strategies to monitor the movements of anti-government Chinese citizens living abroad and in force political opponents in Beijing to return home.

last september, Save Defenders reported 54 such police stations operating illegally around the world, prompting at least 12 countries, including Canada, Germany and the Netherlands, to investigate.

In a recently published report, Save Defenders claims to have identified 48 additional police stations, 11 of which are located in Italy. He explained that several Chinese police stations have been detected in Croatia, Serbia and Romania.

The report adds that police stations operate in Rome, Milan, Bolzano, Venice, Florence, Sicily and Prato, which are cities that host the largest Chinese communities in Italy.

The investigations carried out by Save Defenders based on publicly available Chinese statements and data and limited to established police service centers in countries with the largest Chinese communities.

According Save Defenders“The police station is not directly controlled by Beijing, but some statements and policies are beginning to show clearer directions from the central government in promoting their position and policies.”

Save Defenders also claimed that the police stations were used by China to “harass, threaten, intimidate and coerce residents of target countries to return to China.”

China, meanwhile, has denied the charges and insists the “station” was only set up to offer services such as passport and driver’s license renewals to Chinese nationals overseas.*

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