Issue the Last Blocklist, the Russian Counterattack on Canada

Tuesday 28 June 2022 – 00:54 WIB

LIVE – Russia has again responded to the Canadian government’s measures regarding the long aftermath of the Red Bear Country’s invasion of Ukraine. Recently, Russia retaliated against Canada’s “attack” by releasing an updated ban list for more than 43 Canadian officials.

Among the dozens of names on the blacklist, including Suzanne Cowan, president of the Liberal Party, main supporter of Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. Then there is also the name of Mark Carney, former Governor of the Central Bank of Canada.

According to Russian officials, reported by Alarabiya News, this action was taken by Russia in response or in tangible retaliation for the actions of the previous Canadian government.

In addition, dozens of names on the blacklist are also considered by the Russian government Russophobia or spread anti-Russian sentiment.

Last May, Canada issued a ban list for several Russian officials and businessmen. Even Canada’s ban list also targets several family members of Russian officials and businessmen.

It should be noted that so far, Canada has indeed been one of the most “enthusiastic” countries against Russia. Canada has also followed in the footsteps of several “power” NATO countries, such as the United States and Britain, in imposing sanctions on Russia.

Russia alone has registered up to 700 Canadian names on its ban list. Then, in May, the Kremlin also suspended several Canadian news agencies and did not issue visa permits or accreditation to Canadian journalists.

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