Is it the tallest suspension bridge in Canada?


A Canadian entertainment and hospitality company, Pursuit, has built a suspension bridge connecting the Columbia and Rocky Mountain Trails in Golden, BC. The project of a new bridge called Golden Sky Bridge will open in May.

Quoted by Travel+Leisure, Monday (12/4/2021), consisting of two bridges with a height of 130 meters and 80 meters, the Golden Skybridge will be considered the highest suspension bridge in Canada. Adrenaline-loving tourists are certainly interested in this new attraction.

The suspension bridge is indeed a popular attraction for traveler nature lovers in the world, such as the glass bottom bridge in China and the longest bridge in the world located in Portugal.

“There is unspoiled natural beauty in this corner of British Columbia and the Golden Skybridge will give visitors an intimate look at the stunning mountain views,” said Paul Deutsch, partner at local company Pursuit.

Canadian Suspension Bridge Photo: (Chase)

“Golden City comes across as an impressive base camp to explore Columbia Mountains and Rocky and look forward to continuing to be part of the region’s growing tourism growth,” he added.

The new bridge will be part of a three-kilometre nature walk and will be a place where tourists can see 360-degree views of the scenic landscape. At the end of the road, travelers will find courtyards and cafes to relax after the trip.

Travelers looking to get their adrenaline pumping can take a 1,200-meter bungee swing and zipline across the canyon. Travelers interested in hanging onto this suspension bridge?

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