Is it permissible in Islam for men to have their ears pierced?

Not everyone can change or alter their body unnecessarily.

REPUBLIKA.CO.ID, JAKARTA — Our bodies, including all our physical abilities, are a mandate from God entrusted to us and we must care for and maintain them according to our abilities. Canadian cleric Sheikh Ahmad Kutty explained that people cannot change or alter their bodies unless they have to.

“We are only allowed to correct natural deformities or repair or cure diseases. Any form of disturbance or damage to our body is tantamount to altering Allah’s creation which has been condemned in the Quran,” he said. he said, quoted in the statement. About Islam.

Keeping the above in mind, body piercing, tattoos and Branding, all fall into the category of distractions that don’t need to change God’s creation. Therefore, no religiously aware Muslim should consider such activities. Such a procedure is also not as dangerous a physical repair as is often imagined.

On the contrary, the reality is that these procedures are often associated with numerous health risks. Because sensitive body parts such as the tongue, lips, eyelids, etc. are more easily infected, they become carriers of diseases, some of which can even be fatal.

There is nothing surprising in all this because any unnecessary interference with God’s creation is bound to have disastrous consequences. All actions that give rise to a potential health risk are strictly prohibited, even if they may contain imaginary or suspected benefits, the benefits of which are believed to outweigh the harms. This fact alone justifies that body piercing is prohibited.

The only exception made by some scholars and jurists in this context is the case of ear piercing specifically for women. This is due to the special need of women to wear jewelry.

Men, however, according to Islam, have no such need. In fact, Islam prohibits men from imitating typically feminine styles.

Prophet Muhammad SAW said: “Allah has cursed men who imitate women and women who imitate men. “

It should be remembered here that men and women have different roles in Islam. It should also be mentioned in this regard that ear piercing is a bit different as it is less dangerous than ear piercing compared to tongue, lip and eyelid piercing.

There are still other considerations that strengthen the case for banning body piercing for men, just as Islam forbids us to imitate others in their particular habits and lifestyles without any real benefit.

Such imitation was condemned by the Prophet Muhammad. Body piercing for men is not allowed in Islam at all. Ear piercing is allowed for women, according to some researchers. Such an exception, however, does not apply to men.

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