Internet apocalypse hits Canada, residents distraught


Internet connections both via cell phones and other devices are experiencing major disruptions in Canada. As a result, many services are collapsing, leaving residents distraught. internet apocalypse.

As quoted detikINET from the BBC, the operator of the country’s largest internet service provider, Roger Communications, is having trouble providing a connection. ATM services, hospitals and government operations across the country are also affected.

Roger Communications has promised to immediately resolve any issues that arise. “We know how important it is for our consumers to stay connected,” they said in a statement.

It is unclear what exactly caused their internet crash. According to internet monitoring agency NetBlocks, internet traffic has dropped around 75% from normal levels due to the disruption.

Rogers mobile service has 11 million subscribers across Canada, which is a lot. This is the second time a major disruption has hit the operator in the past year.

“The company is still in the process of identifying the root cause of this issue. At this time, we do not have a timeline for when this issue may be resolved. I cannot say if it will be fully live today. ‘today or not,” Rogers said. Vice President of Communications, Kye Prigg.

Police in several parts of Canada said cellphone users were having difficulty contacting emergency services. The fall of the Internet has also put immigration offices, courts and payment systems in trouble. The same goes for hospital services.

Persons concerned internet apocalypse even many who come to the cafe where the WiFi still works. “There are a lot of people here with their laptops just to work because there is no internet at home,” said a visitor to Starbucks in the city of Toronto.

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