Instagram is testing a new feature, silent mode, does no typing notifications!

Jakarta: Instagram is a popular social media app, and it is only natural that it becomes one of the frequently viewed or checked apps. It’s clearly addictive and annoying, now Instagram seems to want to help its users overcome this problem.

They would test a silent function similar to the Do Not Disturb (DND) function on smartphones. A feature called Silent Mode will prevent alias notifications from coming in, both likes, comments, and direct messages (DMs).

In addition, every incoming message or DM will automatically receive a response from the Instagram app to inform that the user is turning on silent mode, quoted from Engadget.

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Silent mode can also be configured to be active only at the desired time. Users can set silent mode time or duration once the period is over, Instagram will send notification information about all incoming notifications.

Instagram says the tested feature can be used by anyone, regardless of their account type. However, they are targeting teenagers to help limit Instagram access time.

The Quiet Mode feature is currently being tested in Australia, Canada, Ireland, New Zealand and the United States. The official date for Instagram to release its new feature to all global alias users is not yet known.

Instagram is also known for improving its algorithm to present content tailored to the tastes of each user. For example, in the Explore section, users can now select multiple content at once and mark it as “Not Interested”.

Thus, users can immediately mark certain content considered uninteresting. This will help the algorithm select content more suited to the user’s tastes. A while ago, Instagram was debated for featuring a number of vulgar content.


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