Inspirational TKW Blitar becomes a successful YouTuber in Hong Kong now lives in Canada


The figure of Nikmatul Rosidah, a TKW from Blitar has successfully become a YouTuber. YouTube fans should know this number. The 1981-born woman has been actively making videos on YouTube since 2013.

He does daily vlogs, trips, cooking to cooking. Regularly uploading videos of his daily life, Nikmatul Rosidah now has over 1.7 million YouTube subscribers.

Due to the popularity of Nikmatul, its content often goes viral. She has even been interviewed by foreign media, especially widely read media in Hong Kong, the city where Nikmatul Rosidah worked as a migrant worker until she married a man from Canada, Paul Dobson.

“The fourth time was the direct interview with the Journal in Hong Kong. First with the South China Morning Post (SCMP), then Xinhua News continued with Apple Daily which had disappeared from the Hong Kong media (very sad). And today, July February 20, 2022, he was listed in the daily interview of Ming Pao newspaper last month. Currently, we have been in Edmonton Canada for 5 days to stay forever, “wrote Nikmatul in one of his Instagram uploads.

Viral couple Youtuber Nikmatul Rosidah and Paul Dobson / Photo: Doc. Instagram @nikmatulrosidah.

In an interview with Wolipop, Nikmatul opened up about how he first met her husband, Paul Dobson. The moment happened when he and his friends were strolling through Hong Kong airport.

At that time, she was working as a babysitter in charge of looking after children aged 1 and 5 years old. Meanwhile, Paul Dobson is actively working as a teacher.

After a year of work, Nikmatul Rosidah decided to return to Indonesia because the salary she received was not comparable to her work, caring for children, cooking and even taking the children to school by bicycle. What’s next in Nikmatul Rosidah and Paul Dobson’s love story?

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