Indonesia’s Most Feared Hacker Breaking Satellite KPU

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – Recently, the emergence of a hacker named Bjorka shocked the virtual world. He even stole and leaked through Telegram channels and Twitter accounts database government and personal data of a number of officials in Indonesia.

However, before Bjorka it turned out there was a line pirate Indonesia, which has also been there and has shown its existence. Some are open about their true identities and others prefer to remain anonymous.

Here is some pirate from Indonesia whose names are quite well known nationally and internationally, summary of Dodi Wijaya’s YouTube channel, Tuesday (13/9/2022).


For ordinary people, HMEI7 is an identity that sounds foreign, but among para piratethe name HMEI7 is quite respected.

He is nicknamed master of disfigurement world. According to page data zone-h.orgup to 294,402 websites it had disabled, including 139,721 unique IP addresses and 154,681 make illegible bulk. He had made a scene because he had managed to blur the site blogWordPress, a few years ago.

2. Kang Onno

Onno W Purbo is an information technology expert from Bandung. He has a background in electrical engineering from ITB in 1981. After graduating from undergraduate degree with the title of best student, Kang Onno continued his studies in Canada on a scholarship.

3. Xnuxer

Dani Firmansyah or better known as Xnuxer, pirate which caused a stir in the country at that time. In April 2004, he managed to enter the site through XSS or cross-site scripting and SQL injection.

After successfully entering waiter, he opened the names of 24 political parties participating in the election and changed their names to fruit names. This action was quickly reacted by the cyber police unit.


Erza Jullian or better known as E5a_CYB3R, is the youngest hacker who managed to break into the KPU website by changing the look and crushing the admins. After scrambling the site, E5A_Cyb3r returned it to its original state.


Xsvshacker is another reliable Indonesian hacker. Some of his actions have upset site owners. One of the victims of the hack was database NYPD in 2011.

xsvshacker did disfigure more than 430,000 sites worldwide. he also hacks Games Zynga to break into the Israeli presidential website.

6. Mr. Made

The man whose real name is Made Wiryana is one of the Indonesian Cyber ​​Pasmpres. We trust him to take care of the maintenance of the site and waiter President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono’s era as a manager pirate bullying government website. He never did to safeguard presidential server seconds after being hit by a DDoS.

7. Mr. Tail

Nobody knows who used these initials. However, he would be called an Indonesian son from Kalimantan. He is a skilled hacker who is said to be able to hack into thousands waiter in a short time.

Another piece of news floating around the underground forums is that Mr. Dick is now working with Microsoft and Google to study development and build defense systems. Software.

8. Jim Geovedi

Of course, many know the name Jim Geovedi. He is an expert and observer of information technology in Indonesia. Now he lives abroad.

One of the big moves a lot of people are talking about so far is when Jim practiced changing the direction of the satellite’s orbit in space in 2009.

9. Bio666x

Bio666x already made a scene in Malaysia in 2019. At that time, a 19-year-old man named Yogi Nugraha, had turned off the internet in a neighboring country.

Singapore was also a victim of Bio666x. Lots of important data belonging to Singapore Army which he got after hacking and penetrating waiter.

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