Indonesian Migrant Workers Can Get Job Opportunities in Canada

Consul General of Indonesia in Vancouver, Dr Tuti W Irman (right) during a webinar titled Indonesia-Canada Business Opportunities. Photo/KJRI Vancouver

VANCOUVER – Indonesian migrant workers (PMI) can benefit from opportunities thanks to the shortage of skilled labor in Canada. This opportunity was revealed during a webinar titled “Indonesia-Canada Business Opportunities”.

“The shortage of skilled labor in Canada is an opportunity for Indonesian migrant workers (PMI) to benefit from collaboration in the education sector through an apprenticeship program (co-op),” explained the Indonesian Consul General in Vancouver, Dr Tuti W Irman, during a presentation at a webinar on Friday (19/6).

The first series of webinars was organized by the Directorate General America and Europe of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Indonesia in collaboration with KADIN, in which 260 participants participated.

For example, three-quarters of small and medium-sized business owners in Vancouver over the past five years have had difficulty finding employees to run their businesses.

Even in the midst of a pandemic, labor shortages also arise, particularly in the construction, agriculture and healthcare sectors.

The Indonesian Consul General in Vancouver further stated that this opportunity must be exploited because Canada has a high standard of living and work safety.

Through this program, PMI candidates receive education and training that meets international standards while gaining valuable experience working in various business sectors in Canada.

At this event, two Indonesian diasporas, namely Ms. Liza Wayong (Nusa Coffee Company) and Mr. Utomo Kuntjoro (Axia Distribution, Corp.) who come from the working area of ​​the Indonesian Consulate General in Vancouver, also shared their experiences . in the management of their businesses thus far in Canada. (See video: Participating in a climbing event, Karanganyar deputy police chief was attacked by an unknown person)

“One of the keys to success is the commitment that must be maintained to create trust,” Utomo Kuntjoro said during the webinar. (See video: Unknown person forcibly enters Central Sulawesi Police Mobile Brigade Headquarters)


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