Indonesian House of Representatives Speaker Inaugurates Green Technology and Innovation Zone at Mojokerto

Puan Maharani, Speaker of the Indonesian House of Representatives, continued today, Thursday (16/6/2022), her working visit to a number of regions in the province of East Java.

The first place visited by the DPR Chairman was the area where the final disposal site was located in the hamlet of Penjaringan, Kutorejo District, Mojokerto Regency.

There, Puan and a number of members of the DPR for the East Java Constituency saw firsthand the various community activities that used waste materials to become salable materials.

One of them, where plastic waste is transformed into pavers which is supposed to be stronger than cement-based ones.

Next, the PDI-P legislator looked at the biofolk freshwater fish farming system that feeds primarily on fly larvae.

The recovery of waste in the TPA of Karangdiyeng is also done by the production of liquid fertilizer to develop agricultural production, plantations, breeding.

“What is happening at Karangdiyeng TPA is, in my opinion, extraordinary. Because, from TPA Karangdiyeng shows that innovation can happen and come from anywhere. The modern waste treatment process can produce high economic value and benefit people,” said Puan Maharani.

On this occasion, the representatives of the waste pickers explained the waste treatment process they were working on.

Next, they expressed their hope that there would be support facilities at the Karangdiyeng APT such as bathing and latrine washing (MCK) facilities, as well as occupational health and safety equipment.

Hearing the needs of the scavengers, Puan immediately provided cash assistance of 50 million rupees for the construction of toilets, rest areas and sent 50 pairs of boots.

Putri Megawati Soekarnoputri 5th President of the Republic of Indonesia, scavengers are an important link in the protection of the environment.

Therefore, he promised to bring the scavengers’ aspirations to Senayan in order to get more attention and increase their welfare.

“I see that the work of garbage collectors is actually noble work, because when a lot of people throw away goods or garbage, garbage collectors collect it, sort it and bring it to a landfill like this so that it can be recycled. Scavengers are environmental heroes that should not be forgotten. Of course, what their aspirations will be will be our focus at council member level and also within the party for us to fight for,” he said.

In addition, the former Coordinating Minister of Human Development and Culture appreciated the PDI-P executives who collaborated with Forkopimda Mojekorto in modern waste management through the green technology and innovation zone.

According to him, such populist cooperation and innovation should be emulated by many regions.

The use of waste in liquid fertilizer would be part of the solution to imported food raw materials whose prices are still too high.

Puan also encourages students studying agriculture or those related to the environment to help develop environmentally friendly waste treatment areas.

Before continuing his working visit to other fields, Puan inaugurated the field of green technologies and environment-friendly innovation.

It also provided symbolic aid in the form of 20 units of tractor cars, 10 units of hand tractors and 4 units of water pumps.(rid)

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