Indonesia vs Curacao Prediction September 27, preview, line-up, factual data, JAKARTA – The Indonesian national team will test Curacao’s capabilities again after winning the opener 3-2 at GBLA Stadium last week.

From now on, Shin Tae-yong’s side will face Curacao at Pakansari Stadium, Bogor Regency on Wednesday (27/9/2022), starting at 8:00 PM WIB with live streams on Indosiar and Vidio.

In the first encounter, the Indonesian national team managed to win despite being lower ranked than Curaçao. Indonesia, who are ranked only 155th in the world, scored against Curacao thanks to goals from Marc Klok, Fachruddin and Dimas Drajad.

Thanks to his skillful play by applying one or two touches, the Indonesian national team managed to overwhelm Remko Bicentini’s side.

Moreover, a strong backline closing all the gaps in the second half meant that Curaçao was running out of ideas to dismantle the Garuda team’s defence.

“Our team lacks defensive training, there have been some mistakes, and they will focus more on repairing.”

“We could fight well and there was no fear of the opposing players today. So the players were very good today at following my instructions, for that I am very grateful to them.”

In the previous match, it was recorded that Garuda’s troops could only win 42% possession of the ball from that but excelled in creating chances. Of the 14 shots fired, nine successfully hit the target. While Curaçao, incised only three times on the target from 15 experiments.

From a defensive point of view, the Indonesian national team is also superior. They had 22 tackles against 12 for the visitors. However, there are two aspects in which Curaçao has the upper hand. Namely in bait accuracy (85 vs. 75%) and interception (27 vs. 17).

However, the Indonesian national team must be careful as Bicentini has already achieved the goal of revenge in the second encounter to go home with their heads held high.

“Of course (we are ready for the rematch). We are also ready for tomorrow’s game, we tried to train at the stadium and it is a good stadium,” said Curacao coach Remko Bicentini.

“In the game here, you know, in the first 20 minutes of the first game we were good. After that we lost focus and hopefully tomorrow we will be better.”

Shin Tae-yong’s team should be able to pull off a win in a bid to improve the FIFA rankings. The Indonesian national team is set to increase its position in the FIFA rankings after successfully overthrowing Curacao on the FIFA day for September 2022.

According to @FootyRangkings ranking calculation, the Red and White team should get an additional 7.41 points after successfully beating the Curacao national team. Thus, the position of the Indonesian national team has climbed two bands to position 153 in the FIFA rankings with a total of 1026.60 points.

At least, these are two countries that will be overtaken with these additional points, namely Afghanistan at the 154th position (1023.04 points) and Yemen at the 153rd position (1023.52).

Prediction of the line-up of Indonesia vs Curacao:

Indonesian national team (3-4-3): Nadeo Argawinata; Fachruddin Aryanto, Rachmat Irianto, Elkan Baggott; Yakob Sayuri, Ricky Kambuaya, Marc Klok, Pratama Arhan; Saddil Ramdani, Dimas Drajad, Witan Sulaeman.
Coach: Shin Tae-yong.

Curaçao national team (4-3-3): Tyrick Bodak; Shanon David Carmelia, Rhu-endly Aurelio, Dylan Timber, Justin Ogenia; Michael Madionis, Leandro Bacuna, Juninho Bacuna; Kenji Gorre, Rangelo Janga, Jeremy Antonisse.
Coach: Remko Bicentini.

Data on the national teams of Indonesia and Curaçao:

The last four games of the Indonesian national team:

24/9/202 – Indonesia 3-2 Curacao

8/6/2022 – Kuwait 1-2 Indonesia

06/11/2022 – Indonesia 0-1 Jordan

14/06/2022 – Indonesia 7-0 Nepal.

Curacao National Team Last Four Matches

24/09/2022 – Indonesia 3-2 Curaçao

06/04/2022 – Curacao 0-1 Honduras

06/07/2022 – Honduras 1-2 Curacao

06/10/2022 – Canada 4-0 Curacao.

Score prediction Indonesia vs Curacao:

Indonesia vs Curacao Score: 1-2

Indonesia vs Curacao Score: 2-1

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