Increase in imports and exports in April

Imports and exports continued to grow in Canada in April, but less significantly than in previous months, the Canadian Institute of Statistics announced on Tuesday, June 7.

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In an aluminum plant in Canada.


In April, total imports rose 1.9% and exports 0.6%, Statistics Canada said in a release.

Consumer goods, including clothing, footwear and accessories, are imported products – which “unstable“since the start of the pandemic – lived”biggest increase“(+5.5%).

Imports of metallic and non-metallic mineral products also increased, up 10.5% in reach unparalleled heightsof $5.8 billion.

Regarding energy products, Statistics Canada noted that imports of refined petroleum products increased, but crude oil declined, mainly due to lower imports from Nigeria and Saudi Arabia. .

The Institute of Statistics shows that exports, overall, increased by 0.6%, which is nevertheless a “fourth consecutive monthly increase“.

Consumer goods, particularly fish and seafood as well as cars and auto parts, were the products that saw the strongest increase in exports. That energy products fell by 0.9%”,after hitting a record high in the previous three monthsCrude oil exports, in particular, fell 14.3% on lower volume.

The trade surplus with the United States, Canada’s most important economic partner, is also shrinking. »fell from a record high of $12.2 billion in March to $11.6 billion in April“.

Imports from other countries in the world fell due to a drop in Chinese imports (-15.3%) in April, during the strict restrictions in Shanghai.


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