In the United States, Foreign Minister Retno says Indonesia continues to find solutions to the Rohingya problem


Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Indonesia (Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Indonesia) Retno LP Marchudi stressed that amid the turmoil of the world, must continue to pay attention to the crisis Rohingya. Retno said the crisis in Myanmar must be resolved.

“Our common task is to ensure that the international community continues to pay attention to the Rohingyas,” Foreign Minister Retno said.

This was conveyed by Retno at a forum to discuss the Rohingya crisis, the high-level side event on the “Rohingya crisis” in New York, US, on Thursday (22/9/2022) . At the forum, Retno highlighted three main things the international community needs to do regarding the Myanmar crisis.

The first is to create a situation conducive to the return of the Rohingya community. Second, to ensure the safety and security of the Rohingya community at Cox’s Bazaar. Third, promote peace and national reconciliation in Myanmar.

“ASEAN can certainly play an important role in restoring peace and stability in Myanmar,” Retno said.

Indonesia, Retno stressed, will continue to seek a solution to the Myanmar crisis. Indonesia will work closely with the international community to address the Rohingya issue.

“Indonesia, in this case, is committed to working with the international community to find lasting solutions to the Rohingya issue,” he said.

Collaboration and shared responsibility to overcome the Rohingya crisis were key topics raised by a number of speakers at this meeting. Indonesia is known to be one of the co-hosts of the meeting which was held along with Bangladesh, Canada, Gambia, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, UK, USA and the European Union.

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