In Canada, Kevin tells the story of the first time he learned of the death of his father, TNI Brigadier General Donny Makaminan.

MANADOPOST. ID- Brigadier General (retired) TNI Donny Makaminan died while his only son, Kevin Makaminan, was studying in Canada.

Kevin said: “TNI Brigadier General (Retired) Donny Makaminan is the best hero in life. A father figure who is a role model in life. The deepest sorrow was visible on Kevin Makaminan's face.

As the only son of the late Brigadier General (retired) TNI Donny Makaminan, Kevin was very close to his father. Even from childhood to adulthood, Kevin viewed the deceased as a father figure, as well as his best friend and best friend. Who can share stories and laugh together.

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On Sunday March 17, 2024, Kevin admitted to receiving a phone call informing him of the death of his father. Kevin didn't believe this information. He was even silent and confused about his response to the news.

In his mind at this time, many questions arose. How is it possible that his father, who had just called him on Saturday and shared his life experiences while living in Canada, is now deceased.

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“I was shocked and remained silent. For the first two hours, I couldn't even cry. Because I still found it hard to believe the news I received,” he said .

Logically, he continued, it was difficult for me to accept. How could my father leave me when I didn't graduate from college?

Why now? While I was in Canada and struggling to finish college. Dad hasn't even gotten to see my first work yet. I am sad and angry.

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However, in the midst of grief, Kevin realized that everything that had happened was a decree of God, which had to be accepted with a sincere heart.

His mood at that time was indeed broken, but his trust in the Creator made him confident and made him believe that God's plan was more beautiful.

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