Im Used to It Lyrics – Powfu

KBB NEWS – The song titled Im Used to lt was popularized by Isaiah Faber or known by his stage name Powfu.

Im Used to lt is a powfu single from the album titled Poems of the Past which was released on April 17, 2020.

Powfu is a Canadian rapper and songwriter who previously released the song Death Bed.

Until he was listened to by 533 million listeners and liked by 7.6 million people on his YouTube channel.

Next songs’ lyrics I’m used to lt – Powfu:

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I chased dreams
I hope it will work
Shootin’ for the stars
burned me
I have nothing else in store
That’s all I ask, ayy

stay in my room
I don’t miss high school
Didn’t go to the ball
Had no one to accompany me
I didn’t mean to ask you out
‘Cause I’m not the one you talk about

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