If Putin and Zelensky are present at the G20 summit in Bali, careful preparation including hotel rooms is needed to avoid tensions

Indonesian Ambassador to the United Arab Emirates Husin Bagis in an exclusive interview with The National expresses these hopes and possibilities, even if he realizes that the situation is not easy.

The organizers had to prepare everything to welcome the guests, especially for Putin and Zelensky, including hotel rooms for both.

“We are in the process of deciding which hotel to put them in, one for Mr. Putin and one for Mr. Zelenskyy,” Bagis said.

The organizers really need to understand that the two leaders need a comfortable space for each other during the Summit. The location of hotel rooms must be carefully considered, with reference to the need to avoid tensions, by placing them too close to each other.

“Indonesia is different from other countries,” Bagis said. “All is peaceful in my country.”

The G20 is a forum for multilateral cooperation made up of 19 major countries and the European Union (EU). G20 members are South Africa, United States, Saudi Arabia, Argentina, Australia, Brazil, India, Indonesia, United Kingdom, Italy, Japan, Germany, Canada, Mexico, Republic of Korea, Russia, France, China, Turkey and the European Union.

The G20 was originally a meeting of finance ministers and central bank governors. However, since 2008 the G20 has featured Heads of State at summits and in 2010 discussions were also initiated in the development sector. Since then, the G20 consists of the Finance Track and the Sherpa Track.

This year, Indonesia is hosting the G20 and it will be held in Bali in November.

It is hoped that the G20 summit can bring together the leaders of the world’s 20 largest economies as well as guest countries such as the United Arab Emirates and Ukraine.

“Ukraine is not part of the G20, but we invite them anyway,” Bagis said, adding that Indonesia has special relations with the United Arab Emirates and Ukraine.

At the meeting, peace will feature prominently on the agenda, in addition to discussing healthcare, digital transformation and the transition to sustainable energy.

“We want to make the G20 a platform for peace, not conflict,” Bagis said.

Neither Ukraine’s Foreign Ministry nor Russia has commented on the leaders’ planned visit to the G20 summit on Nov. 15-16.

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