I don’t want to count on Russia, Germany and Canada to sign a green energy agreement

German Chancellor Olaf Scholz said the green energy deal was a joint commitment with Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to help his country emerge from dependence on Russian energy supplies.

“European countries must start reducing their dependence on Russian gas and oil. Because Germany’s weakness was very visible when Russia decided to cut off gas supplies during the war of Ukraine,” he explained, as published. Anadolu Agency Wednesday (24/8).

Scholz said the deal would allow Canada to export hydrogen and ammonia to Germany from unbuilt zero-emission wind power plants in Newfoundland’s east coast provinces. Labrador.

Germany sees Canada as an important stepping stone to becoming a climate restorer by 2045. The Chancellor hopes that Canada’s environmentally friendly energy supply will play a major role in this goal.

“But there is much more to the task ahead than simply diversifying our energy supply. For us, what lies ahead is nothing less than the biggest transformation of our economy, our infrastructure and our mobility since the beginning of the Industrial Revolution,” Scholz said.

Meanwhile, Trudeau said his country wanted to help Germany begin to end its dependence on Russian energy and, in general, this was aimed at protecting the environment due to climate change.

“It has never been clear why we need to accelerate the green transition. However, you shouldn’t hesitate, because Canada has what it takes to be a clean energy provider in a clean world,” he said.

The day before, Tuesday (23/8), Trudeau and Scholz signed agreements with Volkswagen and Mercedes-Benz to allow German automakers access to the raw materials needed to manufacture batteries for Canadian electric vehicles.

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