Hurricane Hurricane Ontario and Quebec Canada, 4 people declared dead

Stormy conditions in the area of ​​Montreal International Airport, Quebec, Canada, January 17, 2022. (Andrej Ivanov/AFP)

Montreal: At least four people have died and nearly 900,000 homes have lost power after severe storms hit the provinces of Ontario and Quebec in Canada all Saturday, May 21.

Ontario police reported via Twitter that three people were killed and several others injured after being hit by a thunderstorm this summer.

city ​​of NDTVSunday, May 22, 2022, another person is believed to have died after being hit by a falling tree.

A woman in her 60s was also hit by a fallen tree as she walked amid the crash storm.

In the federal capital of Ottawa, a resident died in the storm. Local police declined to provide further details of the individual’s death.

The fourth victim was a middle-aged woman in her fifties. He drowned when his ship sank on the Ottawa River, a river that separates Ottawa and Quebec.

Nearly 900,000 homes in Ontario and Quebec lost power Saturday night, according to service providers Hydro One and Hydro-Quebec.

Last December, strong winds hit the Canadian province of Ontario and caused the loss of electricity to more than 200,000 homes and businesses. Power company Hydro One said the back-up system had successfully restored power to a number of homes.

Hydro One, a Toronto-based company, supplies electricity to approximately 1.4 million customers in Ontario.

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