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SOLOPOS.COM – Putri Wahyu Kusumaningtyas was awarded the scholarship from University of British Columbia (UBC), Canada. (Ronaa Nisa/, PONOROGO — Madrasah Aliyah Negeri (MAN) 2 Ponorogo student Putri Wahyu Kusumaningtyas has successfully completed the Indonesia Maju Scholarship to study at the University of British Columbia (UBC) Canada. Putri is a farmer’s daughter who lives in Parang District, Magetan Regency, East Java.

The 17-year-old told about his struggle to get the scholarship. Initially, Putri really wanted a scholarship from the community for his outstanding achievements. Indonesia Undergraduate Scholarships and fully funded (fully).

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Since the beginning of his entry into MAN 2 Ponorogo, Putri has stolen the beginning of the scholarship search. Naturally, he comes from an ordinary family and it is impossible if his parents have to pay tuition in a private campus.

“Yes, if you enter a state campus, you must have achievements. There is a private campus but parents cannot afford it. If I want,’ he explained, Monday (5/16/2022).

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Putri is one of the students who excel in academics. He was a finalist at the National Science Olympiad (NSO). Although she did not win, from this prestigious event, Putri got a ticket for the Indonesia Maju Scholarship.

At first, he didn’t pay attention to the email and deliberately closed the meeting so his teacher wouldn’t know. However, within the last seconds of enrolling, the teacher found out.

“I’m just counting the hours, but I had to come and to apply all the requirements,” he explained.

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During this short time, Putri prepared for the International English Language Testing System (IELTS). Not only that, he has also created a personal profile to apply for the UBC campus, Canada. On April 12, he passed and received a Letter of Acceptance or LoA (a sign of acceptance from campus). Then there is a stage of selection of coaching for scholarships.

“On April 19, I was declared eligible as an Indonesia Maju scholarship recipient and each was announced through email and WhatsApp app messages,” he said.

Reasons to choose UBC

Regarding her choice of UBC, Putri had her own reasons even though she chose to enroll at Taiwan University. According to him, UBC had a better chance and was recommended by his professor. So he only applied to UBC. Invitations to scholarships were distributed to 1,400 people. Only 300 participants passed the interview stage.

”I don’t know how many qualify for training. However, in the WhatsApp group, there are 137 people,” he explained.

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In fact, there are no special requirements for the campus entrance test. However, there are certain requirements, such as IELTS scores, report cards, and personal profile selection. Seven days before the IELTS test, Putri had time to take additional lessons to receive a scholarship.

“The way I learn English is often watching videos on YouTube,” he said.

Currently, Putri is preparing a student permit or visa. He also struggles to improve his English skills. Because, to participate in on-campus learning, international language skills are necessary. All accommodation and living expenses are guaranteed and borne by the agent.

“There are entrance fees, books, thesis, medical allowance for a four-year period of study,” he concluded.

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