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TENNIS famous women of usa, Serena Williams signaled his immediate retirement from the world of tennis. This became known through Serena Williams’ interviews with foreign media, as quoted by Eurosport on Wednesday (8/10/2022).

In an interview, the 23-time Grand Slam champion hinted that the time for retirement was near. However, he gave no idea when he would hang up the racquet.

Even though she is 40 years old, Serena Williams still puts on her best performance. He is also currently competing in the 2022 Canadian Open, preparing to face US Open 2022.

However, the 2022 US Open will likely be Serena Williams’ last event. After making it through the first round of the 2022 Canadian Open, he said he wanted to break free from the routine of tennis.

“I think I’ve started to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Light of freedom. I’m happy to be playing and it’s amazing,” said Serena Williams, as quoted by Eurosport.

The former world number 1 realized he couldn’t play tennis forever. Therefore, he also wants to make the most of his time before deciding to retire.

“I can’t keep playing like this forever. Sometimes I just try to enjoy the moment and play my best.”

Serena Williams

Serena Williams herself only returned to tennis a few months ago when she faced Wimbledon 2022. She had just suffered a pretty serious injury and forced her to miss a year.

It is not without reason that later Serena Williams retires after US Open 2022. Just to note, in this event he won six titles, out of the 23 Grand Slam titles he won throughout his career.

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