Get to know the cargo tracking technology, can find the lost items easily!

Tracking device technology is now becoming more widely known, one of which is in airplane baggage.

REPUBLIKA.CO.ID, JAKARTA — Cases of lost baggage often occur on various flights. As is known, when traveling by plane, not all passenger items can be carried in the cabin.

As a result, many people leave their goods in the trunk. Losing items in the trunk of course makes passengers uncomfortable. Passengers who previously wanted to travel to relieve their stress may actually be even more stressed if their baggage is lost.

City of Business Intern last week, now technology brings various innovations to help keep our luggage safe in the airplane trunk. The one which is now beginning to be widely known, namely tracking devices.

Currently, a tracking device the most popular are the devices of Apple called AirTags. The coin-sized device is designed to be able to provide accurate, real-time location information.

Its compact shape also allows it to be integrated into several important objects such as keys, wallets, bags or suitcases. Unsurprisingly, this device is supposed to be able to help users find their lost items. A number of travelers have also deliberately rested the device on cargo entering the aircraft trunk.

In theory, if the baggage is lost, passengers can easily find out where it is. Then ask the airline to find and return the item.

Use Airtag while traveling, it is also proven to help passengers find their lost luggage. This was felt by an Air Canada passenger named Frédéric Harper.

At this time he traveled from Canada to Ireland. After landing, he did not find his luggage at the airport. He also reported to the airline.

Moreover, he also opened the device to see the location of the AirTag he put in the trunk. “With this information I told the airline not to pick up the bags in Ireland as they were left in Canada,” Harper said.

After a while he was able to tell that the luggage he left behind had been delivered to Ireland. According to him, AirTag is very useful in providing accurate information about the location and movement of his stuff. According to him, this feature is very important for passengers because airlines are not always willing to provide certain information to passengers in a transparent way.

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