Get to know James Naismith, the Canadian man who invented basketball, here is a short biography – To know James NaismithMen Canada inventor basketball matchhere is a brief biography.

James Naismith born in November 6 1861, in Almonte, Ontario, Canada. He is the director of physical education CanadaAmerica.

In December 1891, James Naismith to find basketball matchat the International Young Men’s Christian Association Training School, after Springfield (Massachusetts) College.

As a young man, Naismith studied theology and excelled in various fields sport. In the fall of 1891, he was appointed instructor by Luther Halsey Gulick, Jr., head of the department physical education in Springfield.

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Gulick asked Naismith and other instructors to design indoor games that could replace the boring or dangerous drills used in the school during the winter.

For its new game, Naismith chose features Soccer, Soccer America (green field), field hockey and sport others outside. But, in theory, eliminates body contact between players.

Since his physical education class at the time was 18 the personbasketball was originally played by 9 the person on each side, which is eventually reduced to 5 the person.

The first game used a half basket of peaches as a target, so a ladder was needed to get the ball back after a goal, which was rare.

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